haha this is epic

Made with a bit of spice in the bass constantly changing and and nothin but freestylin this track. Basically, no editiing any words all raw real words enjoy

Just a matter of motivation...how far will I go....only my mind has the boundries


2012-08-19 20:59:06 by djadj50

Its here again. I speak the truth the business world is just business.

The Next Track Soon

2012-07-24 00:13:19 by djadj50

Hey I will be posting my new track soon. Stay posted, lol

My Music and Anime Story

2011-12-23 01:22:13 by djadj50

I am wondering is there people that would like to get personal music updates from me Rain Forever DJ. I have a website as well. Let me know if there is anything anyone would like to know. I also plan on creating a show as well its posted on My wesite (Take a look at the blog to look at the Anime Story!) Armageddon

I just would like you guys to know if your interested in knowing about the new anime story that I am writing then ask I will answer lots of questions. I am trying to get support for the story so I can get it animated and be the original...of this awesome anime series.